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A few things have happened in the last while:

a) I hit level 60,
b) I'm almost halfway through getting a raptor for a mount (though raptors don't fly so it seems kind of obsolete beyond the novelty of having it),
c) I did my first and second dungeon, the first being very good and the second not so much, and
d) I got a new hat.

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I be looking pretty badass now.

I'm hoping to hit level 50 before the week is over. I started at level 28 and now I'm at 47. Clearly I have no life.
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 I've been playing sporadically the last few weeks.  I tried to take a break to play the new Zelda but I ended up coming back after a week.  I've created new characters, deleted old ones (I got rid of my Undead Mage, oh dear), and the like.  So here's the new roster:

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That's all I've been doing lately, I think.  I keep switching between all of my characters because I just can't decide what I want to do with my time, if I'm even playing at all.  At least I have a lot of rest going on, so I'm gaining levels like whoa.
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 I have a Tauren Priest on my friend's server now, yay. :D
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Even though I do play both sides I think I'm starting to prefer Alliance over Horde. But that might be because I've never had much interest in orcs and trolls and so on.

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I think I'm going to try playing Priest next. Maybe I'll make that character on my friend's server and finally join her guild.
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 My warrior has no fashion sense whatsoever.  WHAT WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

I mean at least my mage had some cohesion going on with colours and patterns.  Put on a robe and nothing else was visible; therefore, everything matched.  With this warrior it's all gotta be about the exposed midriff, apparently.  I don't even know.  Maybe I'll get some mail that'll fully cover the body.  I really should get to re-doing the face, too.  I don't know what I was thinking.
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 I'm so amazed at how much work went into designing Azeroth.  I was flying from Stormwind into the territories around Ironforge and just looking around the mountains and volcanos.  It was really interesting to see.  I hope I get to go there eventually.

My mom wanted to give the game a go so I let her create a character (she picked a Night Elf Rogue) and now I want to make a new character because their starting location looks really cool and fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff--

At this rate I'll never reach the Burning Crusade expansion, let alone much else.
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So I'm finishing up quests for this battle for Andorhal.  I get the Alliance to retreat and my next mission is to report back to Lady Sylvanas over at the inn.  I've barely even started my walk back when all of a sudden I'm dead and everything is on fire.  And then I suddenly get an achievement for dying in said fire.  It looked like a volcano was erupting under my feet.  My first thought was that this was some kind of final assault from the Alliance, but when I respawned I was over at The Mender's Stead where everything there was on fire too and they weren't involved in the battle.  I started to panic a little because I hadn't finished any of the quests for the Argent Crusade in restoring some of the Plaguelands.

I managed to get back to town and find my body everything is still burning, but I finally manage to navigate my way through, expecting to find Sylvanas in the middle or town or something, but no, she's in the middle of the inn.  The inn that's on fire.  I went around it a few times trying to figure out a way in when the fire started to die down.  So I ran inside only to find her where she was originally, dead.  Then she faded away.  I'm just like "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck," but my brain started to process everything more rationally.  Maybe this was a later quest that someone else happened to be doing and I just got spoiled.  No biggie; I've never been one to whine about spoilers (I end up looking for them more often than not).  So I exit and return, and Sylvanas is quite alive and I finish the quests.

Then when I resummoned my Water Elemental it was still suffering from a debuff that was...I dunno.  The title had to do with Deathwing's flames.  Then i was like "OHHHHHHH," and finally understood.  Basically I got blown up by a fucking dragon that I don't see for another few expansions (I only have the Battle Chest and, therefore, am only up to The Burning Crusade).  That was crazy.

I loved it.
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 Ugh, I've only been playing for a couple of weeks and my Undead Frost Mage is about to hit level 40.  I don't know whether to be proud that I stuck with one character so long or disturbed at the fact that I managed to go so far in such a short period of time.  A guy I work with who plays can't fathom how I've gotten to such a high level without doing any dungeons.  I didn't think that was terribly difficult.  I've just been doing quest after quest and I've only had to grind for them once.

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