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 I'm writing this to procrastinate from writing fic SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DON'T TELL ANYONE.

In all seriousness though I have like, 1,400 words of WoW fanfic surrounding one of my latest characters: Thiya the warrior princess ALALALALALALA.  She's a Pandaran Monk and I love her.  She's pretty much the first melee character I've ever taken wholeheartedly seriously as a character; my Tauren Paladin is still back in the 40s, though I do intend to bring him up to snuff once I'm done with leveling my Blood Elf Hunter.

So many characters, so little time.

Took a brief hiatus from WoW a few weeks back just to get back in the groove of everything else.  'Everything in moderation' is a hard tenet to follow sometimes.  I did end up coming back earlier than expected but all in all it was worth it.

God damn it I need to update these icons I'm pretty sure I deleted all these characters.

I feel like within the last few months I've regressed to a teenager...or finally hit my teenager years 5 years too late.  I've become addicted to anime, J-pop (let's be real, this was several years in the making), and now I'm writing fanfic.  Terrible, terrible fanfic.  I haven't written fiction in several years and the decline in overall skill shows.  But then again I read back through one of my original stories late last month and I am in shock at how terrible I was, considering I thought I was hot shit at the time.  I suppose this is just part of growing up.  I'm glad I never actually tried to get published.  How embarrassing.  But I say that all like fanfic is the worst thing ever but in reality I do read it on occasion and like a lot of it and I know that it is difficult to write and requires just as much research as original fic and yeah so I may joke about looking down upon it but I really don't.  One of my guildmates has a Tumblr for his goblin and I love it when he updates it.  AND THAT'S NOT JUST BECAUSE ONE OF MY TOONS WAS IN IT OKAY.

This blog is becoming increasingly not-WoW related.  D:

All in all, Thiya is level 90 and pumped up all to shit.  I still have a long way to go; I've sacrificed exploring the Isle of Thunder in favour of leveling Aleice, my Hunter.  I have some wicked 500+ iLevel gear but overall Thiya's still got a long, long way to go.
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 Oh hi.

Jeez, what have I done since my birthday?  Well, only pretty much everything.

Let's see, my Tauren Priest (omg I need to update my icons omg) maxed out, then I got a Goblin Mage/Madam (who sells people for sugar) and maxed her out.  I'm working on another Tauren right now (Paladin) and a medley of other characters.  Overall I'm having a good time.  Guild's amazing.  Lots of in jokes.

Still doing mostly DPS in dungeons.  I heal on occasion but mostly avoid it like the plague.  There was this one time recently with my Paladin where even though I'm a DPS spec I ended up tanking the majority of a dungeon and it went reasonably well.  I've also taken to the Raid Finder and have killed Deathwing a few times (yay).

You'd think I'd write more beyond this since there's been so much time but no.  I can't think of anything off the top of my head.  Hopefully I'll update this more regularly from now on.
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It's my birthday today.

I've done a lot of stuff since the last time I updated.

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Huh, I had much more to say but I can't remember it now. I'll come back to this later.
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A few things have happened in the last while:

a) I hit level 60,
b) I'm almost halfway through getting a raptor for a mount (though raptors don't fly so it seems kind of obsolete beyond the novelty of having it),
c) I did my first and second dungeon, the first being very good and the second not so much, and
d) I got a new hat.

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I be looking pretty badass now.

I'm hoping to hit level 50 before the week is over. I started at level 28 and now I'm at 47. Clearly I have no life.
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 I've been playing sporadically the last few weeks.  I tried to take a break to play the new Zelda but I ended up coming back after a week.  I've created new characters, deleted old ones (I got rid of my Undead Mage, oh dear), and the like.  So here's the new roster:

New characters and other things that have happened to me lately. )

That's all I've been doing lately, I think.  I keep switching between all of my characters because I just can't decide what I want to do with my time, if I'm even playing at all.  At least I have a lot of rest going on, so I'm gaining levels like whoa.
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 I have a Tauren Priest on my friend's server now, yay. :D


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