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I have a new character~

I don't know.  I just felt like trying out a) melee and b) Alliance so I decided to take a break from my Undead Frost Mage.  Now I have a level 11 Human Protection Warrior, which means I'm going to be tanking, I guess.  I've never tanked before.  According to the guy at work this means I'll be able to get into random dungeons lickety-split because everyone wants to be DPS.  Well, if I get to that.  I'll have to learn Tao and the Art of Tanking or some shit.

I ended up grouping with someone today.  They were being chased around the forest by murlocs and invited me to group right away and I was like "Yeah, okay," and helped them kill off what was chasing them.  They were like "wow, tough" and yeah.  Then later we were being swamped by Murlocs (I don't really like this part of being melee; I miss being able to just pick everything out one by one instead of charging into a group) and I was like "and here i thought playing melee would be easy" and they were like "ya really".  Then we leveled up once or twice, died about four times each, and then I logged out.  I felt weird grouping, to be honest.  I was kind of afraid to speak up to say I had to go back to town to sell things/level up classes and professions/etc.  I don't really know group etiquette. D:

I die so much playing as Warrior.  Weird.

Since I'm playing Warrior I took Blacksmithing and Mining as my professions.  Now that I've gotten the hang of professions through my Mage I'm doing a lot better with these than I was with my original character.  My co-worker also told me about that button next to your minimap that shows different things and that's helped out a ton with looking for mining spots.  I've found that these professions are a lot more useful than Tailoring.  I've been able to use armor that I've made on myself right away and it's way better than the quest armor I'm getting.  I really need to get myself a better weapon, though.  I just need to find some weak fluxes and I can probably make my own.  Whatever those are.

Damn, my warrior is so lacking in fashion.  Then again his name is Llaus or something.  idk idk I just hit the randomize button until something not entirely ridiculous came up and was like "FINE LET'S GO."  I hate naming characters so much.

I can't wait until I find Detective Horatio Laine again.  Maybe I can actually finish that quest this time around.
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