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It's my birthday today.

I've done a lot of stuff since the last time I updated.

So my Tauren Priest is now at level 82, and with the guild I've beaten the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King big bads, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself right about now. I finally started dual specialization. I had originally thought it mean that you had to split your talent points between the two, so I was averse to it as I would rather be really good at one thing than mediocre at two. So I now have a decently-skilled Shadow Priest and am regretting not doing this sooner as playing has been so much easier, not to mention more fun on the dungeon runs. Now that I'm getting up to everyone else's levels and actually contributing, it's been boosting my confidence some. I still don't do random dungeons with my priest, though.

I have, however, been doing a lot of random dungeons with a new character of mine, a Troll Hunter. I must say it's nice to level up so fast with the dungeons. I went from level 20 to 27 just today with little issues, other than a really mouthy tank before I decided to call it quits for the night. I was doing the Blackfathom Deeps for what felt like the fifth time (and finally got all the quests handed in, since I tend to just follow the group and a few times people would just leave as soon as they got what they wanted and I'm not a powerful enough character to just wander about on my own) and as far as I can tell at this one part the entire party is supposed to get swarmed from both sides by aquatic monsters. Either way this tank (Blood Elf Paladin) starts complaining that 'this is what happens when you guys act like dumbasses' and the mage died but it all turned out okay because we had a priest and whatnot. Anyway this guy just wouldn't shut up about it and started pulling out Recount and so on about who wasn't doing their part and whose fault it was that one of the DPS died (even the guy who died didn't care; this is how upset the paladin was getting). It was ridiculous, but we continued on.

And then he wondered why no one wanted to continue to party with him when we got all our quest stuff. Some people.

I like doing the dungeons now, at least as DPS. It's nice to experience this portion of the game and learn a few things here and there. For instance I killed Lord Godfrey at the Shadowfang Keep, which was quite satisfying as I've played the Undead campaign before and remember very well what he did to Lady Sylvanas and couldn't wait to get back at him for that. I'm just getting bored of the random dungeon finder putting me in the same ones over and over, but I suppose that'll change as my level goes up.

The one bad thing I've found about leveling through the dungeons is that I outgrow areas really quickly, so my professions are suffering for it.

Huh, I had much more to say but I can't remember it now. I'll come back to this later.


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