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 Ugh, I've only been playing for a couple of weeks and my Undead Frost Mage is about to hit level 40.  I don't know whether to be proud that I stuck with one character so long or disturbed at the fact that I managed to go so far in such a short period of time.  A guy I work with who plays can't fathom how I've gotten to such a high level without doing any dungeons.  I didn't think that was terribly difficult.  I've just been doing quest after quest and I've only had to grind for them once.

I'm really liking the Undead storyline, or what pieces of it I understand.  It feels odd coming into the game after all the rework Blizzard did to all the 1-60 quests.  I feel kinda sad for missing out on everything but on the other hand I've heard it was all kinda boring when it started so maybe I'm luckier than I think I am.  It's not without its pitfalls, though; sometimes I really get tired of fetch quests, especially for herbs and other naturally-occurring objects.  I had to abandon a few of the quests for that; they were driving me crazy.

I've had a few Elite monster hunting quests but I've ended up turning them down due to a lack of people.  The server I'm on now is a medium population one (I have friends on a different server but I wanted to get the hang of things on my own so I wouldn't come into their parties looking like a complete idiot) but I think in the medium scale it's on the lower side because I very rarely see other people playing.  I haven't made any friends, but I haven't exactly been trying.  Even in the virtual world I'm a complete wallflower. D:  I'd like to try dungeons but I don't really like the idea of doing it with strangers.  I have an aversion to that kind of situation because I've never done it before and in my experience with other multiplayer games that tends to piss people off so much if I don't know exactly the right course of action in every situation ever.  Then the shit talk starts and they say awful things and ugh.  I really have to get around to making a new character on my friends' servers. 

I've realised I have a Shadow of the Colossus complex where if I encounter a monster that's absolutely huge I just want to run up to it and start climbing.  Obviously you can't do that in the game but I like to imagine it.  The first time I encountered an Ettin I wanted to kill it so bad.  I ended up getting flattened (I blame the Mage class; I did get to kill it eventually as part of a quest that handicapped it with poisoned food but...

I don't quite understand how factions and such work yet.  I've been doing enough work for Sylvanas and the other Forsaken to get an exalted reputation with the Undercity, but now I've started doing quests for some group (whose name I can't remember) who are trying to heal the earth instead of re-plaguing it, which is pretty much the opposite of what I've been doing for the last 39 levels.  I'd feel kinda pissed if it started messing with my reputation.

I finally bought myself a mount.  I had the money to get one when I hit the required levels but I took one look at the price and was like "Oh, maybe later."  Then walking everywhere got really irritating and I couldn't remember where to find the guy who sold mounts.  Thank God for the WoW wikis out there.  They've helped me a lot with some of the trickier quests.  Well no, they weren't actually tricky, I just had trouble figuring out where to find specific places and such for when the map was of no help.

Either way I'm having a good time.  There is something about RPGs that have magic users with more MP than HP that make me tingle.  It feels more right that way.  I think when I finish the vanilla and Burning Crusade I'm going to make up an Alliance character so I can get both sides of the stories.  I rolled a Human Mage when I was still using the starter version but I didn't get all that far.  I have no idea what class I'd play, though.  I've never played a healer type in any kind of MMO setting and would like to try it but I have no idea how that would go in a solo setting.  I tend to gravitate towards ranged classes.  I can't remember the last time I played anything melee.


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