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Even though I do play both sides I think I'm starting to prefer Alliance over Horde. But that might be because I've never had much interest in orcs and trolls and so on.

My human protection warrior's at level 32 now, which is only 10 levels below my undead frost mage. I've come to like playing melee now that I have the stamina stats to be able to charge into the middle of a battleground. Being a tank probably helps. My warrior has also cleaned up himself in terms of fashion, which is lovely, because I'm pretty sure I've seen Cher wear that last outfit. Usually I don't care much about fashion in these games but that was really, really embarrassing. I got an ax too, which is cool, I guess. I much prefer swords stylistically, but I haven't found any recently that are superior to my current weapons. Are they just generally weaker than other weapons or am I just not finding anything good lately?

Right now I'm flying around the countryside looking for places to find boar ribs. My Cooking profession has been stagnating a bit. I hope this isn't a sign that I'm becoming super srs about the game; it's just that Blacksmithing and Mining have been so useful to me in terms of armour and adding some extra stats that I want to keep all of my professions up. I need to find wool for First Aid, too. And now that I know I'm going to need silk I feel kinda crap for selling it all the time.

I'm doing these quests again that I had done while on the Undead campaign involving climbing this Aztec/Mayan/idek place and shit. Ugh, I hate that this overlaps. I couldn't stand doing it as an undead mage; it's easier as warrior but I still hate doing it. Doing the quests, climbing all the way down the tower, and then climbing all the way back up to where I was to do more quests was the worst. I wish they just gave you a comm device like some of these other missions so you could just keep going. I don't even care about gaining all that experience. Plus at the same time there are some Horde people doing the same quests and they involve killing X amount of X enemy which just makes it all the more lengthy while waiting for everything to re-spawn.

I really don't play well with others, do I?

It reminds me that I also got The Princess Unleashed quest again while I was in the Arathi Highlands. I ended up abandoning it as my mage but I figured I might be able to take her since I'm much sturdier. But then I ended up not having to bother as there was this level 85 Gnome hanging around who was tying up loose quests of their own and asked if I wanted help. So one hit later I completed the quest. That was nice of them.

I think I'm going to try playing Priest next. Maybe I'll make that character on my friend's server and finally join her guild.
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